15 - 30 minutes.

What to expect during:

Minor warmth - this system uses acoustics, not heat to treat.

How to prepare:

2 weeks minimal sun exposure.

What to expect post-op:

Minor warmth after procedure.

PiQo4 Advanced Pigment Removal & Skin Resurfacing

PiQo4 - Welcome to the future of getting rid of the past.
PiQo4 is the most revolutionary laser technology available today for eliminating an array of skin imperfections. It is the only non-thermal laser with four wavelengths and both nanosecond and picosecond pulse delivery. The highly focused light breaks up pigmentation and causes collagen formation that helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. By targeting the pigment at different levels of skin through adjustable penetration depths, and at various wavelengths, PiQo4 shatters pigment without harming surrounding skin. The final result delivers rejuvenated skin with no downtime.

The PiQo4 brings unique technology with combination of unsurpassed advantages: