Time: 15 – 30 minutes
What to expect during: minor to moderate pain
How to prepare: must be done before other treatments
What to expect post-op: slight redness

Service – Waxing: Brows

For a long lasting, custom eyebrow design. Consider waxing of the brow above, below, and between.

Service – Waxing: Lip

To remove any unwanted hair from around the lips fast, and efficient.

Service – Waxing: Chin

Long-lasting removal of pesky chin hairs.

Service – Waxing: Bikini

Waxing to maintain a clean, hair-free bikini look.

Service – Waxing: Bikini, Extended

Additional waxing to cover a more extensive portion of the bikini area.

Service – Waxing: Brazilian

Waxing to remove all hair from the bikini area.